it. The cyst wall was fastened to the abdominal wall, and the cavity

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until Caius Julius Verus Maximinus seized the imperial

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example: if one caulk of the shoe be higher than the other, or

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him ; also diseased fifth and sixth lower molars. They were

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Influenza is a disease accompanied by a discharge from the res-

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treatment are hastening the time when post-graduate classes will

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represetitatives of the National Society for Aid to the

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variouB parts of the Body he give6 intimate details of technic in diag-

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During the third year, students are able to evaluate patients in the emergency room setting as part

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Bean, C. E. A case of recurring laryngitis ha-morrhagica, 615.

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accumulation of fluid and only a very thin layer of brain-substance beneath the

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the milking pail (Fig. 49). It is therefore apparent that a

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country in time of war. These societies are so organised as to be

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vessels by gas, with more or less advanced decomposition in the

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Stipa viridula, Trin. Mem. Acad. St. Petersb. ser. 6, v, 39 (1836).

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readily to quantitative analyses according to the statistical theory of

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administration has produced trial and opportunity for the

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ous and perforated appendix ; no limiting adhesions ; no abscess. Death

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and likewise in many mineral waters. Minerals called triphylline, lepidolite,

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to that of dryness, gives more scope for economy in the

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discussion a paper on fibromata, which impressed me sufficiently

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the herd from time to time during the course of the experiment.

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general rule all water supplies of inhabited regions in the tropics must

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Trousseau. — ^Etude sur I'Antisepsie Oculaire. Congress of Ophthal in Paris

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plants. Thus, he does not hesitate to propose the addition of a small

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of rheumatism by local applications of salicylate of methyl, a method which

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doctrines, therefore, rebut tht mselves. The explaca-

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esting discussion before the French Academy of Med-

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plete motor paralysis of the lower extremities, though the adipose tissue of the

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ninth day, when the temperature was 98. 5 , and pulse J2, but