Breakey WR, Fischer PJ, Kramer M, Nestadt G, Romanoski AJ. Ross A:

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cated. Acute prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis should be carefully

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to my colleague Voelckers, our esteemed ophthalmic surgeon,

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in our books, which will reach your case. I can, therefore, do nothing

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Hygiene, Menstruation, Pregnancy, Childbed, and Lactation, but


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This is an example of a few particulars of such dismal tragedies as I have witness-

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and now strength and vitality are about equal to what they were previous to her illness. She now

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serum, which is somewhat similar to the vacciuatiou with

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His habits were good, there being no alcholic nor venereal history.

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shown by the increased susceptibility to jnorphine.

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serial number, and the N. M. S. Hospital Form No. 6 cards filed

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mal men show a very decided increase in the total proteins, which

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sition. They should be constantly watched and re-applied.

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of life, and not with the unfathomed and perhaps unfathom-

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Dr. M. A. Pallen's Appointment, 93. Dog's Milk for Chil-

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Analgesia alone under proper technic will prevent pain nerve

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the air and its effects and touching the weight of the

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peared and there was general rigidity of the muscles

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Chapter XIII in the number of IMarch 24, begins with the subject of

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The Physician^ s Iland-Book of Practice, for 18G1. By William El-

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assimilated, and by the freest use of alcoholic stimulants.

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Lesions found post-mortem in animals used in anaphylaxis 41

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country is very flat, and boggy in places. In the wet season

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of the food or other subHtances presented to it, reducing theiu

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the human subject. It has been found that the so-called antitoxines