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clerk with his well-stocked table under the big window. He comes in, sits down
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The kidney abscesses of Rabbit B were in the form of pyramids
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nant type. Very often when the trouble is discovered
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discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. You can search through the full text of this book on the web
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that he felt most aggrieved that it was supposed he had
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of first trying stretching for a time, and then, if the
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Dr. S. Weir Mitchell and myself, the degree of pressure within the cra-
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Cohen, Susan Lea. Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology.
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The condition of the hollow viscera at the time the
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ment of the Hip," Lancet, May 1, 1897. See also Westminster Hospital Reports, 1897. 15.
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which a student is required to determine fifty species of com-
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a small number recovery is followed by a period of weakness and debility
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6. The biological method is not synonymous, however, with
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pecuniary emolument. It is what may be called, in the words of a
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platform arranged as an inclined plane, up which the horse
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ruptured, and, when very strong, with the knife of the surgeon.
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has not been brought about by this method, and it is probable that the temporary