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vital powers have been saved by the use of an an»sthetic. It

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larly liable to occur in cases exhibiting neurasthenic symptoms.

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number of illustrative cases were cited. In these cases

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is one of great interest in many respects. First, it affords an example of

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in the diaphragm. Abdomen : No traces of inflammation in the perito-

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mometer ; a little longer time is required than in the mouth or rectunj

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constantly obstructed by black, tarry matter. In fact, the

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The urethra need not be injured nor the floor of the bladder,

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ly solid. From that moment all anxiety about a breach of surface ceased, and

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the third week the regeneration of secretory renal epithelium begins.

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This disease is a serious one, and frequent, consisting of in-

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opposite and complementary (Figure 8). Oncogenes are pos-