horse was bled, purged or rowelled for every ailment, and even
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which is not necessarily fatal to the life of the germ. In
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the perishable ha»e metal of the human body. One of their
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Proposition X., that amputations upon septuagenarians are much less
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have releranee solely to tbe ongituU articU jiuie by J. MiLiuir Ac dok.
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the breast (7 per cent of writer's cases). Occasionally diabetes develops during
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paratively immune from tuberculosis. Likewise can the non-ap-
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in all the organs and in the blood stream, in rabbits they are very
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vessel in her room. After defaecating, curious to observe the
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passive hypersemia from heart-disease, the stasis of blood in the
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methods are generally sufficient, but sometimes must be supplemented
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equine scrofulosis ; and still others looked upon it from the neuro-
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organic adsorbents, but the antienzymic substance remains in the
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mean temperature. While diarrhoea has not been shown to vary ynth the
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are ; and there is no probability that they will ever be
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of the enactment of laws which will lead in the build-
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Sec. 2034. Any person who fails to comply with or disregards any order or
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parenchyma of which we are speaking, is proved by the well-
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continuously present, but which varied much in severity. When it
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immunity is the method of vaccination practised by Haffkine. Of 5357
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The blood sugar values thus obtained are a minimum, because taken
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a greater degree than is likely to be met with in gun-shot
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irregular practisers have now been placed. There is a
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Infarction. — Another form of lung consolidation is of
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It is not an easy matter at first to enforce this rule among