deservedly won the repute it enjoys among military offi-
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was suggested, but the owner declined it, and the horse, twelve
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III (Pneumococcus mucosas) organisms when they are present, as
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Vermont Station. For the supervision of this I am under
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pathological conditions for which the operation is per-
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ters but slightly above the line. He thought the wad-
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sisting of innumerable twigs of veins and arteries. The black
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five years immediately preceding this notice, shall each elect
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Finkle, Albert Mark, s, Chicago. Loyola U. Medical School.
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fractures. Two years ago I lost a patient who had a basic fracture.
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the marks of such patient, intelligent, and earnest inquiry as the one before us. '
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I am deeply grateful for the honor conferred on me by being
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the real value of any such measure. An additional "Fontana space"
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cated. Acute prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis should be carefully
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ively washed down with tea, coffee, or some other liquid. Now it
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An anxious look is unfavorable, while a tranquil expression is of
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were there any calculi in the hepatic ducts, so the case falls
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the monthly dinner or dance will be held. Among the many events
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clotting. Various methods of electrolysing the blood in an aneurism
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27. Treatment of Aneurism. — Mr. Oliver Pkmberton, Professor of Surgery
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nishing our army ration by a pamphlet * recently published,
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of its e(piipment must be prepared in time of peace
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less than four weeks ; but all those who saw it were very much surprised,,
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which might be mistaken for albumen. " The two conditions are
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week's interval, until convalescence is completely restored.
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a condition of asthenia difficult to remedy." This man should be
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The earliest mention of such an instrument for diagnostic purposes,
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tract was administered in smaller but gradually increas-
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by excess in food, appetites of a very low order, from which they can
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its way inadvertently into our columns fi*om an English
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lution on the part of many of the ablest gynaecologists
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Chronic Diseases of the Larynx, illustrated by Cases. —
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cal practices. 3 Physicians' actual management practices,
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an appearance of fatness. Ptosis and external strabismus are rare as symp-
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can only have a dangerous effect, for through the increased
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remarkable case, which came under my observation recently, although
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upon the plastic lymph. He advocated water dressings and
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mare and cow, which at times will demand all of his skill and ingenuity to suc-