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moan, and seemed unconscious, and in a state of half stupor,
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starchy matter of the flour, but the albuminoids of both the flour and the milk, are adapted for immediate absorption. By this device a complete
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the umbilicus which leads to perilobular cirrhosis of the liver (possibly
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ophthalmic surgery. Piactitiom r. Loud., 1890. Ivii, 494-
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ing cases. It is often an occlusion or an imperforate condition of the anus
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the oculo-motor branches of the third nerve are aU implicated, the eye
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ance as if he had been drinking, but had recovered. The
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dilated, by the previous passage of stone, to offer no obstruction to the passage
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then prevailed, in retaining the fluid in the inhaler, its lightness and low
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bowels of three weeks' standing ; she had suifered from consti-
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attack of gout the affection of the joint or joints suddenly disappears, and
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ized by anaesthesia of the retina, and by contracture of the ciliary muscle
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* Oshima, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bulletin No. 159.
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at site of injury, and carries the head somewhat forward.
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P.O. Box 77027, Oklahoma City, OK 73177, 1-405-752-0087
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and when advancing towards suppuration, the skin is of a clear
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after such interval from latest exposure us may be re-
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thoracic and intra-abdominal lymph glands were tuberculous,
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man, aged fifty, a farm-labourer and carter. About thirty years ago he
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the general population with this syndrome. Media publicity
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himself to be betrayed into the following very incautious and
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stomach and bowels 17, nephritis 15, diphtheria 13.
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us. We are not disappointed in the result. The text is in many instan-
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enced a dilatation in consequence of the impulse communicated
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are liable is a peculiar dark or slaty discoloration, due to disintegration of
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The premises from which we were in the former class
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tected, whence it was concluded to be out of its usual situation. A screw clamp
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