Mr. Editor : — The gathering of a thousand physicians

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<Gior. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, an. 57 [3. s.], v. 42 (3), mar., p. 177.

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the ilium. The lower border of the liver was still tender on

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dency to cause absorption of the inflammatory mass.

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Kettering Cancer Center. A.B. 1963, Barnard College;

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Dr. L. C. Culligan : I know of no speaker before the

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more into details when I come to treat in a special manner of diarrhoea.

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to advanced pregnancy, until the stomach itself became seriously affected,

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18. Higashida RT, Halbach VV. Tsai FY, et al: Interventional neurovascular treat-

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55 catarrh, 2 pneumonia, 6 pleuritis, and 11 phthisis puhnonalis ; under

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mission processes, we have been relatively successful in

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neck, and if we do not deal with the gland promptly we will

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eases among animals so collected, which is to be followed by order-

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Graefe and Walther's Journal^ B. XIL that he has employed with great suc-

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early recovery. Should the urine increase, but the con-

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ceous glands. Schimmelbusch, ]Machnoff, and Wasmuth have demonstrated

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