during which the recipient of the poison usually presents no abnormal

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lesions are not of too long standing, the prognosis is favorable.

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Treatment of Gangrene. — As soon as the injured member comes

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and are j)hicod by the side of patients with ])neumonia or any form of chronic

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when in the thoracic region. The skin may be hyper- or angesthetic, and is

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cough, sneezing, redness and suffusion of the eyes. These symptoms are

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are not properly formed, the cells proliferate, but the ossific process

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1 Extensive dulness down and to the left accompanied by a feeble impulse may cause one to snspect it

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Second. A consideration Of their forms, (linieiisions, clussitication, etc.

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used because it is more readily rendered aseptic. Before asepsis and

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ways be increased by such exposure, therefore it is of great importance in

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Symptoms. — As there is usually some derangement in the circulation of

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urethritis, chancre, rupture of the corpus spongiosum, or morbid

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is oozing from a stump, it is hardly reactionary hemorrhage. The part

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Around the growth, which varies in size from that of a pigeon's Qgg to that

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the teeth chatter so that the noise can be heard some distance from

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extend one or two inches beyond the apex-beat. The fact that cardiac

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Osteopathic. — The treatment has not as yet been tested in full to

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Acute Lymphangitis is a rapid invasion of the lymphatics by septic

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first, and often the only ones wdiich attract attention. Dyspnoea, a dry

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Pericardial friction sounds may he (listiiif^uislicd from the friction

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during the first week, or may not be present until convalescence is estab-

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Treatment, — The treatment depends upon the conditions present.