ness, generally a chest affection and frequently a pericarditis,

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Eye and Ear Infirmary receive no fee or emolument of any kind what-

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Patient was raised to sitting posture, and the first tap on the right

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ment of cholera, there is still room for choice. In the early

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glycerine in the treatment of epilepsy. Med. Rec, N. Y.,

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be lighted up anew speaks against immobilizing bandages. They would

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granulation which takes very nearly the pure eosin color on staining

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struction of. this center causes an immediate fall of blood

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next annual meeting, and the President subsequently appointed the member named

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Jefferson Medical College a new test for cancer, pro-

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with water would displace gastric tumors upward, as also those of the

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11. W. IlEID, M.D., F.R.C.S., Dean of Medical FaaiUti.

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special senses, by sleep and dreaming, and by the functions of organic

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ing of prolapsus, is a mere palliative ; but even an intra-uterine

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though, with the astounding progress made in not only

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By John Christie, M. D., Lecturer on the Institutes of Medicine,

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and his recoveries were more rapid than with other methods.

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»Zeit. fur Orthopfedische Chirurg., Bd. xi, p. 153, 1903.

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the range of the examining finger, and was more confus-

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temperature of the body varied between the ninth and twelfth

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moved out into tents by a street which is noisy and

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be put do-svn to tlie rest, necessary in the after-treatment,

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ally the effusion consists of serous fluid, which is at length spon-

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caution is urged, for the susceptibilities of patients differ so largely

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Definition. — By this term is intended a form of consumption char-

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Additional sutures were passed through the sero-muscular

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number of observers, and Strauss has himself seen it in two

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away with the nerve. Bleeding is very free, and requires prolonged sponge

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a second edition has been called for, and the author, in preparing it,

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cotics and anesthetics, of which sulphuric ether and chlo-

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strength described by Dr. Richardson in a paper read before the

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during the fourth week, much at the same time as ne-

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structure capable of producing the train of symptoms above described ;

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ment? In the early stages of rachitis the bone can be

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(Fig. 16). In addition the fibrino-cellular exudate was seen to

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first is not always solitary, which is what I suppose Linnaeus to

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to inflammation of that membrane. In the second case, the operation

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the face, and the nose and lips especially, are blue as well as cold;

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errors which may be eliminated by the standardized procedures of

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nipple. Below this there is tympanitic resonance from the