supposed causes of complaint referred to in the report of
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vier put into the hands of M. Valaniennes all the materials necessary
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the fat of forest frogs. But these remedies promise
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of willingness to learn and practise new methods after
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To be spread on fine linen and applied to the diseased
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and to try to limit the contamination to the immediate
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later I saw him leaning on his staff at the door of
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way that the buttons at the back of the professional frock-coat
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tained in the bladder as a result of inflammation would
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pends upon the retention of urinary materials in the blood and
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Dr. Despres, {Centralblatt fur Gynakologie, September 29,
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position as ruler, and he had again to get the god's
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-catamenial flow up to the commencement of another ; and also, that
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(J.) Cidtivations from the pneumonic lung, — Two main kinds
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in general practice; by way of example, it might be stated that
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be only a variety of hj'pochondriasis, is sometimes strongly marked
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the granules the microbe which he named the " Bacillus leprae."
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It was pointed out in our previous report^ that staphylococci and
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post he held until he retired upon the Consulting Board, now
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vessel, but they being rather timid surgeons, and the haemorrhage
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Etiology: — Pachymeningitis externa is a process sec-
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we are slowly learning from physiology, but much of
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invitation was given iroughout the neighboring towni
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is not like the symptom-complex of tetany, as given
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mortality, for they can convey bacteria in particles of
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TEBB. " The Recrudescence of Leprosy." By Wi lliam Tebb. London : Swan
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hogs will find and devour them soon afterwards, and be-
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portant for the diagnosis of catarrhal pyelitis. We are no longer
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interference, and immediately draws the clothes up again. Lateral decu-
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corresponding half-vision centre, together with a lesion of the com-
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the soil and whipped off the plants. They were all set out in
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fistula in ano; the abscess at this time having formed lower down.