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Hughes, M.D., St. Louis, Lecturer on NeurologJ and Electro-

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It may be safely asserted that this was the first time a classi-

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Of eight guinea pigs upon which we tried this experiment with

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or five cases of trichinosis. All of these except the

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Loschge, Friedkich Heinrich. [Prof. & Prosektor, Theat. anat., Erlangen.]

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later, mostly attacks the face and scalp, or the arms, and sometimes the

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ters ; G, Puccinia grant in is within the stem, but near the surface, burst-

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was not until 1809, in his twenty-sixth year, that he

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has robbed surgery of its terror ; the patient no longer shrinks from

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phcation is not observed after spiroehsetal jaundice ; trench fever

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declare that he cannot move his legs, which he does a few minutes later when

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