small. The end gained for which the incision was made in the
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* Robert Alexander Lundie, M.B., B.Sc, F.R.C.S. Ed.,
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it wants a little magnesia or catnip tea to cure it of this
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•34902 Ogston, F. Lectures on medical jurisprudence. Ed. F.
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apparatus of the French or the Fodden Thresh of the English. By
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they can be accused only of having acted through error, and without
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to the necessary depth with a broad sharp chisel, and then plac-
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satisfaction of the students and the professors. The laboratory work
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shown in Fig. 12. On the right, there were two circumscribed lesions connected
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esting discussion before the French Academy of Med-
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have written some surgical tract. Xone of his prac-
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improvement was still more marked, and the patient was very
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have taught for some time that cyanosis is nearlj- always due to faulty
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tistics of dificrent modes of treatment or operative interference in particular
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case the hull is left on the sieve. For nourishment
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has often been obliged to introduce the hand and arm into the organs of cows
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blood count revealed a leukocytosis (11,250) with an approximately
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On March i a small operation was performed for the closure
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Codeia in Cancer of the Pylorus. (New Remedies.)— Prof.
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The progress of the disease is usually slow. Recovery can-
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have prevented it. From much observation, however, I
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Puerperal fever was epidemic in Birmingham, England, most of the
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was soluble in nitric acid, but was not further identified ;
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THE present method of obtaining vaccine virus or smallpox
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urine was collected in the one case for three and in the other for four days, and
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