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the disease, treatment in a colony should be provided both for child
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and separate beds, sufferers from this disease may be tended
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even in the happiest moods of Ali Pasha's face, which contrasted un-
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disease noted are susceptible of improvement by instituting
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minent symptom ; also metastasis of the pains, enlargement of the
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of it will be made in other diseases than those referred to and new and im-
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center stage. The wide diversity of interests among these
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X-ray can destroy small enlargements of lymphatic glands,
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casionally coughed, and had some fever. The leg continued to
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at his usual bed time (10.30 o'clock p. m.), after having spent
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"In November, 1872, my colleague M. Dubreuil communicated to the Soci6t6
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cle contains a small amount of clot, — chiefly post
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analysis, he pronounced only one paper arsenical, but
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1974, Syracuse University; A.M. 1976, University of
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tem of medical practice may be adopted for the removal of disease.
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attack the cornea, rendering it opaque, the reptiles becoming blind in
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and comparison of a part of the Army Medical Museum
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X. was introdttoed to the noUoe of the Facolc/ in 1880« by J, MUkau, UU
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the Laramie Hills and in similar locations throughout the state.
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6. Gozoen. These are pills as a tonic for the gozo or the
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the pig's liver may be accounted for, in other words, by supposing that desaturation
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lent cholic pangs, and an almoft iniatiable hunger.
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the uterus. Surg., Gynec., & Obst., 30:225-239, 1920.
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near as possible to the Madonna's picture. As in the
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acute symptoms have subsided, small quantities of liquids, first water, then
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and at the same time one of the ablest and soundest of modern
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it a valuable indigenous herb, one that is too much neglected by the re-