cups should be available or drinking fountains should be used.


chloride. The officinal liq. calcis chloridi, injected subcutaneously,

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be given if the return to health is slow, and I prefer to

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matism ; several of the ones specified as simple had rheumatic taint in

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a week, and the patient's health, although slowly, was finally re-established.

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history : — On the previous morning at al>out 8.30, while walking

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remains of the "obturator" membrane at the bottom of

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gastric and probably in the great splanchnic nerve, Langley computes

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health of the bee, whereas Acarapis is undoubtedly parasitic and

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those sera should be employed which in doses of 0.2 cc. protect regu-

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phoid Fever, Scarletina, Erysipelas and Peritonitis.

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a condition which must soon have proved fatal of itself.

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and Pompey, with both Hortensius and Cicero. Sir Matthew Hale

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These Cysts sometimes develop in the sinuses of the head, causing a

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the back of the front top of card and will place the seam at the top

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virus which occurs in the vesicles (and tissues sur-

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of thumb. Or pressure of thumb may be against artic-

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compressible, as if not strangulated ; bowels not swollen,

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nating influences. Any neglect, exposure, and abuse will tell

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abscess does not heal until the loose portion, called an exfoliation,

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Copaiba in nephrolithiaaia, 788, in etiology of pyelitis,

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Extrasystoles producing subjective sensa- Sudden changes of heart rate


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