On all streams, growing in the greatest profusion in the thickets

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in whom the semilunar valves were torn through. In these cases the

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CASE 3. G. A., private, U. S. Marine Corps, 26 years of age.

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' On Diseases of the Liver. London. 1845. * EherJuird't Disnertotion.

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might be as readily cured with dog-liver as cod-liver oil. He might

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appointment of a committee to investigate the subject. In tho

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45. Some of the Causes of Idiooy and Imbecility. Dr, J. Langdon Dawn . . 49

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the abdomen, may succeed the disappearance of the febrile pheno-

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troduced in a common context which promotes a more relevant

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minutes, this symptom disappeilrs, and is succeeded by stupor,

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other forms. He calls it the decidual form. In this latter form the

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prominent symptom. — L Abeille Medicale, July 16, 1888.

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is known as false membrane, and is almost always confined to young

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entertain of what is universally regarded as one of the very best practical books of reference

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According to the degeneratipns found in the posterior

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Luther Emerick ('00), Dr. Wardner D. Ayer ('10) and Dr.

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twice a day. I am sure it :s doing me good. My skin is in splendid condition. I feel well, and am increasing

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' Chronic Intestinal Stasis.' " In the section on the treatment adopted by the author, many

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secreted by the spermatic vesicles.— F. L. J,, in

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favorable in cases of so-called idiopathic and in true

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disease, so far as it is susceptible of proof, by similarity of symp-

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sequently to the right knee. The pain has returned at irregular

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pearance good. She was suffering some pain, was very weak,