particularly that the maximum of the pseudo-relapse never coin-
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has sunk to its lowest ebb. The albuminuria in such cases some-
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possible to produce plagu? l)y feeding, yet tliis method was probably
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feared, will continue for years to come. If, however, each will
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of administering improper aliments at an early age. We
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rarely affect the posterior. In the prolongation of the latter in the
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9. KoLMEB, J. A.: An anaphylactic skin reaction to diphtheria bacilli. Am.
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watery stools ; and after death, or if collapse has lasted for some time before
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1848 a. — Ein lebendiger Wurm im Auge eines Pferdes <Med. Ztg. Russlands,
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fitting at Plymouth, and was wounded dreadfully. He was imme-
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several years, but the one outlived the other three years, car-
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remarked that in this plan antiseptic treatment was used in a limited way. and
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is a general pneumococcus infection in a debilitated
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static hypotension may occur. Dilutional hyponatre-
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ligated separately. The tube has the disadvantage that there is
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of the rheumatic symptoms will follow extirpation of the
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It seems to me very improbable that an anaerobic bacillus, such as the
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tion of the shadow movement, otherwise there are likely
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The Chinese hog and his effects upon other breeds. 17
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nature of the case, M. Tillaux decided to give the patient a
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in the experiments shown in Tables 2 and 3. The flow in the two
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^5. Retrojieciion of the Uterus. — We find in the Edinburgh Medical and Sur-
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no enjoyment. As long as war and the chase are attainable, therefore
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Paal. After the palladium was removed, the alcoholic solution
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fails to excite a word of admiration when it is performed
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ant in the case of the working man, but supervision, advice,
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air might cause them indirectly by aerial percussion, or, as it
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are instructed in the first seven subjects, and those who show special
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persuasion who regard the Union with undisguised horror.
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headache, pains in the back and limbs, especially the thighs. Giddiness,
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result Avhich is decidedly encouraging for so severe a procedure.
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ception may have been the same as the hypnotised hoy's.
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in contact with them throughout the year, the drawbacks and
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afford the slightest warrant for substituting alcohol
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ill many respects in the English Lunacy Amendment Act of 1890,