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existent with a state of the thoracic organs, very susceptible of

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We have accepted 3 mg. per 100 c.c. as the high normal limit for

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95 parts; narrow-leaved and flat-stalked meadow grass in flower,

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of dilated capillaries and increased secretion in the case un-

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treatment of cocaine, this drug had an absolutely inhib-

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It may be concluded from our study that survival from

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Following Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Peters reported for the State

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this number about fifteen were operated upon in the hope of relieving

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appearance is not the same as at the angle of the lips : they pro-

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tympanitic ; but when greatly inflated, they give a clear tympanitic sound,

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physician and surgeon now in the "West Indies; and a detail of the

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children may be doing the same thing, one from a bad motive, the other

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Las the inconvenience of producing local inflammation. Chloral may be em-

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Whether specimens are typical or belong to one of the variet

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broke into and made use of the food contained therein. I counted fourteen baskets

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This dose was supposed, practically, to confer immunity to

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totomy is such a satisfactory operation I do not see how we can wish

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diameter. Because CT technically is easier than ultrasono-

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" Ether-Fritz," in whom, after the inhalation of 207 grammes,

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enjoy the congenial homelike atmosphere. For your convenience

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very dish-faced, positive in their crossings, are prolific

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56 per cent, recoveries in all the stages of the disease and 92 per

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OES the reader ask how ? I reply, by doing away with

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the door of his imaginary system, and he sees Bumbledom traus-

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extracts of the market, the method used being the one

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leaves, the Thistle never has ; this has no spines, the

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the heart and capillaries, by which means the red arterial and

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Berger have been followed, but his operation is designed for

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of the lungs. His anatomical and clinical descriptions are clear

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typhoid to the influence of the typhoid germ. It seemed

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quent observation of several cases occurring among members of the

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He claims that gastromalacia develops under two circumstances: 1, the pres-

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form ; and Dr. Farquharson is thus led to infer that prolonged residence in a

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scientific compound for the relief and cure of one's patient. By do-

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carefully disinfected. In fractures of the middle fossa the external audi-