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the subsequent steps of suturing used by the writer

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altering it disadvantageously in several respects. I

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sterilized with hot water and strongly carbolized; keep up for ten to

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ing through narrow tubes. The importance of these conditions has

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ation, such as the posterior dinoid processes of the sphenoid bone, and crista galli of the

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The worst subjects for interference were those classed as neuro-

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level of the sole, and the points of the toes rounded off.

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In 1877 Tarnier first announced the construction of his new

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Sticks, umbrella ferrules, canes, etc., are sometimes thrust into

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babyish is weak because this game combines more of the qualities

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hitherto yielded much result. The respiratory quotient is found to vary

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conclusion be sustained by the Profession of our country, it will

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clinical and anatomical distinction between the two,

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The acute form may also result from an injury, or from

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the caustic did little towards removing the external mem-

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in the thigh; this was removed and found to be a spindle-

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four months. This patient also had night sweats and occasional chills.

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Tincture of Chloride of Iron, several times a day, for two or

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of the memory, paJlor of the fUce, more or less of a sunken

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master wanted them for bacon; and if they grew slowly,

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bility of adjustment of the movable legs that support the

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am nearly cured." I asked him how many treatments he had received;

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ture is the more likely; and in the child or adolescent, separation of

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and not of the progressive changes of the dying structures. The one

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pupils. Such schools need to change their methods from the cram-

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and one course of three months each on Botany and Px-actical

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Hypodermic injection of morphia did good, but her increasing lividity precluded

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Scarlet Fever. Third attack of scarlet fever: remarks upon the


left no doubt of their nature, and it was perceived that all this system of vessels

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is usually inconsiderable. Under all these circumstances the

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the cause of the trouble. He mentioned such a case in

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treacherous to the extreme; men have actually disappeared

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which the greater part of it is devoted, is, fortunately (for the

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