irregularity of the heart, pressure in arms and legs, weakness, tremor
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in the aborted ones these movements alone take place. Hence, with
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salward within the marginal layer of the gray substance, from
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ing the drug are now included in all field medical cases.
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ite number of small, red points on a rose- colored base.
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istered (iVIarch 2d) with partial success. A fortnight
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the patient instantly to a cool place and strip him. In the cardiac variety,
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tained in the bladder as a result of inflammation would
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them ; and by reason that such a glass is found clear and
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vascular part is quite sharply defined. To be sure, such a
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naked, spend over six or eight hours in the sunlight, •wheam tliey be-
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dorsal part of the right pyramid. He quotes a similar case, reported by
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cientl}' important to the advancement of medical science to merit
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talented translator of Dove's work, " The Law of Storms," and
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to unspeakable grief, when the fateful message came by cable, announcing
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cerebro-spinal fluid, it was not so markedly increased as in the
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been enabled to withstand the base ingratitude of those,
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This is indeed the 'golden rule of medical practice, and the
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While on a trip to the Arctic regions with Gommander Peary, Nicholas
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at four o'clock, A. M., he found the horse rolling and tumbling,
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when one is fatigued by over-exertion of body or mind. The milk
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eJNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world.
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quite seventy-five per cent, of the patients so treated,
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ing the pulmonary and cardiac circulations. The injection is now
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sound cicatrix, and there has been no return of the disease since. Mr. Arnott
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of gastric secretion. The conclusion which Edkins drew from his experi-
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right and forward with thumb while carrying vertex to
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a few suggestions with reference to the all-important need of
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soon followed : he was present at the storming of the Invalides and
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appraisal eight years and 3,267 specimens later. JAMA 239:36-39,
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contains this passage : ' ' If legislation can not render men
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of mycosis intestinalis, and fasten themselves perhaps upon the
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not closing the mitral flaps effectively ; (c) that they are due to organic
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kind, it was looked upon as if these Drs. had been in council