programme delivered in the time appointed, he will win the banner
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tain lines, to one of which I would call your attention today.
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Persistent shortness of breath, especially if associated with orthopnoea,
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The triangular sub-puhic ligament is immediately under the
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Various observers agree in stating that in this condition the
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of the face, and caused its alveolus to project far in front
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of Menthol. The vapour is blown into the nose. (2,) Powders : 1^
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available, passage at the public expense will be provided by steamer, or a
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occurrence of the disorder at the time of life when it is generally most apt
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session of that and an education, the general practitioner does not need this
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of which has been involved in obscurity, are now attributed to these "car-
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adherent vermiform appendix forming band associated
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from the skin of other parts of the body. About Jijteen ^
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dermic injection of morphine may so relieve the patient as to permit of
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muscles. It is diflficult to understand its limitation to the extcn-
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of the cyst prior to operation, and one from sepsis. In one
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a building company and took shares in it. It was to be regretted
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Treatment can only be directed to the arteriosclerosis and
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in Hospital practice is to be found there. All the cases
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indicates that the veins of the head are loaded. It is necessary to
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1. It is impossible to check the spread of typhus in
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semicircular groups ; and if any question at all arise, it is whether
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the hospitals, the first prescription is the {lavement pur gatif
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the medical department of the National Guard, [d.r ]
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committing an irreparable error by showing beyond all doubt,
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cases seen in March-April, 1918, and since observed, though now
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interest of the many officers and civilians who responded so freely when called
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are so unfortunate) ; a disease which has, I suspect, been the greatest
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' Hoffmann, Untersuchungen iiber die patli.-anatom. Veranderungen der Organe
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Coarse and duration. — P. Marie has distinguished four modes of pro-
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both lungs were gravely involved, and signs of serious implication
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elements were present in numbers in the nerve-sheath, but the fibres appeared
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the arm, and which is so easily reduced ; while in the latter, the length-
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nearly identical was Sydenham's theory of the gout with that
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Self-renunciation is not success — it borders on suicide ; nor is self-
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chorrhea (chronic bronchitis with abundant secretion) , in bronchiectasis,
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catarrh (chtiU-ra infanlvm) stands midway between acute indigestion and
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ing was very likely to have produced another attack.
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Mexico, 1883, i, 57 - 62. — Bychiia (J.) Prispftvek ku
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whatever can be heard. Fluid accumulates. Above the eighth