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readily removed by enucleation of the offending eye.
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a new formation of tibrous connective tissue replac-
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rests upon the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone, and this accounted for
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tics, pharmacology, and veterinary police. The military students
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numbness, no blunting of sensibility may be detected. It is probable,
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gland daily for one week by means of Richardson's ether spray.
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ment from the equator to the poles ; and for parents as well.
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epithelial cells, then we have an adeno-carcinoma. In this
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than in England. Of 82 patients recorded by Le"\dnstein, 61 fell back;
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criterion as to the existence of an auto-intoxication. The various coeffi-
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only mode of treatment which affords a chance of life to the
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unusual to lose twenty pounds in a year because of ulcer, unless
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tumor, and a large cavity is left, a sac of iodoform
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elements bore a proper relation to eacJi other in the living organism,
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with a rapid stream of dry hydrochloric acid gas, without cooling.
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