glycerine {vide, p. 652). The result of my own observation leads me to
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By some, however, the heredity .of disease is claimed to be
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and on its derivatives (podophyllin and podophylline) shows how frequently
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" up under the foetus as high as poflible, which may
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Keen the time for operating in all appendicitis cases.
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sitenk. [etc.], Jena, 1. Abt.,*v. 20 (6-7), 25. Aug., p. 262. [W a W ra .]
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the iris acts slowly and almost imperceptibly when a strong light is admitted to
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is a great deal of fibroid tissue throughout the organ, as is the case
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operation on the social side, however, has the important result of creating
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by attempts at retaining the common flexible catheter within the
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probably connected with gall-stone was made, and an operation
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I >r. Wilcox had a good command of the English language and contributed
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single one of them contains a grain and a half of arsenic, enough to kill a child.
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Upper ring from the outside; if necessary make another fold in the sama
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ber. Gentlemen, can we afford to part with the well-earned fame
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8. Simple hypertrophy, when interfering with deglutition,
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Dear Doctor: Inasmuch as there is uncertainty as to my materializing
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of opinion that eosinophilia was of little value as diffei-entiating dermatitis
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heat rays (ultra-red, red and yellow). The blue, vio-
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feed at an age when the addition of grass and clover to
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ligature of the carotid on the same side ; and this in spite of the anasto-
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nece.'<sary relief. Finally, if tre])]iiiiing alone be iu-
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above all, in horses driven in the snow-path. It is mani-
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rarily stopped, and only iced milk and lime water should be
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produced by the trichophyton on the scalp.) and pityriasis
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ter, stirring it briskly until it becomes a clear jelly, or make
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portion of other tissue — e.g., cellular ti.ssue. This makes a
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nonpolarizable ones in the manner which is usual when the extremities
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When a regiment or other line organization is operating as a part
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the alimentary substances submitted to the digestive process, MM. Dupuytren
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A cure was effected. It is a case which would merit the honor of a detailed
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