the care of a regular physician. The influence of vaccination here was
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simply mixed, as in the atmosphere, let us see what changes
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tation, it will be necessary, even when white globules and fibrin are to be ob-
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iuduced by the iritis amounted to 1.50 D. This grad-
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the same principle as the temporary expedients for checking bleeding ex-
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phanthus, sparteine and caffeine. Sal alembroth and the flusoili-
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stipation, and when he had a purgative his bowel prolapsed six
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After the Association re-assembled at their Hall, a vote of thanks was
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monia of drunkards. Whether prostrating causes in general
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cases, said Reichman, **I was able to find in the stomach in
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Durfey, Preston, Whitcomb, Bwckman, Salisbory.and Jarris, who
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an hour at a time, especially after dressing the leg.
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Accordingly, for the sake in part of supplying for the dog this
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is followed by offensive diarrhcea, and on palpation a thickened
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prevent wet lodging there when the floor is flushed.
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descriptions of the forms of heart disease of which they treat.
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The pathologic report gave an anatomic diagnosis of chronic ulcerative pul-
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ventricular septum or both were incomplete, without the occur-
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43 were aged 65 years and upwards, including 30 persons aged
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for removing the pangs of death called for and engaged
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in his opinion, be reserved for such conditions only in
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of conception, and indeed is sufficiently evident in the unimpregnated
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albumen in it, and no sugar. This evening there was noted
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every case of true neurasthenia, and cure most, even without simul-
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originate an intra-peritoneal hcematocele. He arrived at the follow-
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that when one has had a large experience, it is desirable that that
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in those cases in which the receptivity of the auditory nerve is so much dimi-
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precipitated with acetone (MAc), a monovalent strain precipitated
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excuse. They have been altogether too careless on this point.
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and gained one of our best judges. Senator Gallinger
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In the diagnosis of chronic cholecystitis, sonography must
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and more active than the latter. It produces less inflam-
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was a mere excessive secretion of the bladder, became at last organic
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over a firm pencil of tightly rolled cotton wool. Luc^'
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tinguished from hysteria. His is the gynecological point
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ratus to be possessed by the dissector, and finally, of the most successful means
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and intervals in which he is quite comfortable; or he may regain conscious-