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11. Comessatti: Beitr. z. chem. Physiol, u. Path., 1906, 9, 67.
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during the week ended November 29 amounted to 209 — 114
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may be found, as they have entirely eluded his observation.
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1841 a. — Kyste hydatique du foie, ouvert dans la plevre, et de la communiquant
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dose, or in two doses with a very short interval between them, as
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is not one led to conclude, that a migratory clot, detached from a
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K. He who digests with one organ only (stomach or pancreas),
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Drs. M'Cloy and Robertson, of Liverpool, as recorded iu the
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sightly one. If you take a quart bottle, adapt a tightly
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entirely new to me ; I have never heard of nor seen it ; although
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cases of progressive mental decay, in which there has been syphilis with
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opium, one grain every two hours. May 21.— Vomiting
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it s all over the body, so you can t treat it directly.
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;j20 months. All patients were evaluated and operated on at
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lately in the hospital here under my care on account of a hemor-
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disease. During 1948 this fund began to be supplemented
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profession will give it a trial in the treatment of Menorrhagia.
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makes a man swear, "give veratrum," says Kraft ; "if it makes
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with the newer generation, though with many older practitioners
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in a heavy case of typhous' fever, no one symptom is better cal-
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early and clearly evident. The author has known such aphasic attacks occur
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affected by the injection of the same amount of serum. Such re-
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Norwich; Fairfield County, Samuel Beach, Bridgeport ; Windham
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enlargement of the opening of the iris in order to allow
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the alkaline pancreatic juice and checking the acid
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went to show : 1. An hypodermic injection of two grammes (half a drachm) is
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