the weight carried on the back is not borne by the spine
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dorsal surface. The fourth sympathetic ganghon Ues in close
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Quite apart from the dangers of decompression, it must of course be
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may see that this world has always been evolving into that
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(b) an increase in the ammonia and amido-acid nitrogen. It has been
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fingers, most noticeable at the tips. The bony parts showed a marked cauli-
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•612396 Pavy, F. W. Physiology of the carbo-hydrates — their
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Nearly one-third of the book is devoted to diseases of the urinary
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H.M. the Queen; President of University College, London; Fellow and Ex-President oj
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appreciable in short operations ; that the hopeless nat-
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file as his own the diploma or certificate of another,
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any public document put forth by the government. It is, in other
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organic disease of the uterus. An examination per vaginam was in-
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quoted is headed, ' Cure of a Lieutenant which was shot in the Right Buttock
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moot, which were worn with perfect comfort, and great relief, but Uie
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connection with the yellow-fever epidemic at Key West. Sep-
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All manufacturing chemists publish a list of the ingredients used
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haps it :s our fault that medical ethics has not assumed a greater significance
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high temperatures. It is usually about two weeks with Plas-
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potassse and mount it in glycerine jelly. The parasite appeared to be the
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Nervous System, 1882, p. 301. — 5. Charcot and Joffroy. Arch, de Physiol, vol.
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low the epigastric region is the umbilical, bounded
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serum of animals naturally or rendered artificially immune against diph-
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hot water, stir, let it boil up, then add another spoonful and so on
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He was given voltaic alternatives through the eyes,
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currence of pain in the occiput, for which cupping was successfully employed,
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born under these untoward conditions is still greater than that
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soon after, in 1880, called to the newly founded Imperial
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R. W. Brathwaite, Champaign ; " Hypodermic Stimulation,"
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to be absolutely free from albumin while the boys remained in bed, and
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single bacilli or cocci of aerobes. The negatives in spore sowings
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seemed that Galabin had laid the foundations for a fine
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To shew that virtuous m.en should not be slothful, but di-
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the blowing of a pair of bellows : hence it is termed by us a bellows-
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fore the use of this agent in veterinary practice is not recom-
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gradually fails, the lungs fill up, and the patient dies without
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