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department of practical knowledge. Himself thoroughly

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Schlayer. Repeated indexes made on the same normal individual at

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Plutarch asks : "Why is it that the priests of Jupiter are forbid-

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6. Hendricks, William, and Griffin. William D. : Intestinal ob-

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constipation does not yield after one or two days, the dose of bella-

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present in this city. So excellent are the notes of

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urea per liter of blood. A more probable explanation lies in the high

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Philadelphia, by Dr. Mitchell, July 18, 1863, Captain S.

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expectorants of various kinds are administered, according to

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ington, D. C. He is a life member of the Alumni Asso-

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practice than it is given credit for, that every general

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cord, even if diseased, are not exposed to the same pressure as the cere-

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from time immemorial the human species have been noted for

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rachitic constitution, but this has lately been disproven with

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to carry the anaesthetic to too great a depression, it is safer

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nary gangrene, with good effect. Experiments have shown

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the patient becoming well enough to leave the hospital.

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lean beef, l lb. scrag of veal, i lb. of scrag of mutton, some sweet

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But the glycogenic function of the liver has another relation, of a

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symptoms are the result of a new infection or are the result of a fresh out-

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cury was locally applied, the actual amount absorbed into the

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agar was washed off with bouillon and suspended in lactose bouillon

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ing of the universites accomplished. For the greater

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slipped into the ducts while the larger ones occupy the

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abdomen causing chylous ascites. Injuries to the tho-

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quieted with hypodermic injections of morphia, and there

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Birnbaum, Stanley Jack. Professor of Obstetrics and

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The patient left the hospital a few weeks ago and he

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markedly increased, from which toxins are formed. The ab-orption