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The marks characterising malignancy are the infiltration of the surround-

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in some instances, precedes, for several days, the occurrence of vomiting,

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Dr. Welsh says of the epidemic of 1818, that in the course of four months

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(seven weeks from the commencement of the attack) of exhaustion.

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fined to the right iliac fossa), a markedly enlarged spleen, and profuse

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Weber. He ligatured a frog's leg, then irritated a portion of the web by

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gained an entry into the body. This factor is the " chemiotaxis "

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period undergo changes in the myelin sheath similar to degeneration.

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times causing cough. In young children the sore throat is indicated by

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considerably.- There is often suppi'ession of urine. Soon the prostra-

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in very severe cases of plague (Yersin). Kitasato detected them in the

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merous patients of the Royal Maternity Charity, as well as among others

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rapidly die. Does milk then, besides carbohydrates, fat, proteids, salts

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Mustard plasters are made by spreading thickly-mixed mustard on a

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fession, in the particular form of hernia for which it is designed.

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impossible to say whether the blood had its origin in the vagina or reo«

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not by any means constantly to be observed. Thus, as Cohnheim