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Board of Pediatrics, certification by American SubBoard

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by different observers, some considering them as coagaluted fibrin

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30 minutes when another piece of liver is removed, the splanchnic

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Dr. Morris Fiterman, Dr. Horace Weinstock, Dr. Leon Frankel, Dr.

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and inflammation of the lungs as Veratrum Viride. Twelve

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taining a mixture of equal parts of glycerine of carbolic acid and

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complex called here "interstitial bronchopneumonia." This is the

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muscle. Varying the degree of vagus paralysis in a hypervagotonic

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cesses, would seem logical, and to have been justified by expe-

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The tables which illustrate many features of the various opera-

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has been troubled for a long time, unable to pass his urine. After treatment with

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the history of the families in full; to do so, would re-

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which plague-infected rats had Ix^en found ; that is, care was taken

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I noted several cases of what might be called natural immunity.

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is an instance of what we have to do in all cases of con-

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Since reading an account ^ of the ligation of the uterine

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cords of the past, to see whether we cannot find an antecedent

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may be mentioned also that gangrene occurs more readily if

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-pencillium, which grows at the expense of the alkaloid, rendering

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tonic and astringent. It is to this last property that it owes its

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such cases as these for several years and to the bitter end, it will

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could be readily accomplished by placing the woman on her

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with the edge of the cornea when the eye is moved. This form of xerosis

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operation of law. This is certainly axiomatic. Where

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to carry the anaesthetic to too great a depression, it is safer

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the risk of injury from the other methods of treat-

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bility. The climate undoubtedly exercises a conspicuous

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many complicated and often unnecessary distinctions. We