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times stated that small doses reflexly stimulate the heart (in
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nity was afforded me of seeing a case in which the chlorate of potash
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followed by local anaesthesia. It produces intense irritability
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this and other Colleges, Officers of the University, and teachers of public schools,
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Action External. — Prussic acid is absorbed to some
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complete removal of the omentum itself. This was accordingly done
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on it«elf through half a circle ; the pulmonary artery divided into two
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and to ri^ht of uinhiliciis; passed thence oulward and downward,
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they, but which were proved to be onlj' the stimuli needed to bring
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the ring finger, but there is no sensation in the ulnar side of the ring
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small walnut, is to be well rubbed in, night and morning. Acetate
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was alK)ut its normal size ; but the epithelium around it was increas-
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unai.'climated Northern men would produce more terror than the
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The kitchens and the food of the colored men were as satisfactory
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amount to a sum equal to the tax of one tenth of a mill, then the tax
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mainly useful as vehicles, corrigents, preservatives, and
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tion of it depressed. I applied the largest-sized trephine, partly over
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U»e ca«e, would indicate that the ball, at the time of the wound, en-
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quences, Prevention and Treatment, Vol. XLVI., Nos. 22 and 23 ;
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and steady persistence in this method produces effects attainable in
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Private was a curious case, the bullet entering tiie face (a
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captured by the Confederates, who had tried to render it useless by firing
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■acetic acid, or in boiling alcohol, and partly soluble in cold
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affected in much the same manner. One to two drachms of
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solution will relieve leucorrhoea, pruritus vulvae, and pro-