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of cerebral symptoms, which often occur when only a limited

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lations," 68; in re 1'asteur: another side of the Iteveillac case Os-

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Agents JAMA 237 2303 (May 23) 1977 2 Bravo. E L , Tarazi, R C.. and Dustan, H P

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a few days before such delivery, the women when exposed to frebrile

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teaches " Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand

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complete exposure of the lower neck. An incision two inches in

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the mucosa. He further noticed that in recovery a very rapid change

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ment, had tendered his resignation, to take effect at the end of

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spond to the usual measures. Pneumonia often presents as

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to the absence or disturbance of that proper synergic association in the

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ning noose of strong twine was slipped over the tumor and drawn

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"warm butter" for hastening the process of desquamation in