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abnormally abundant in some cases of leprosy. Tbis had not been the
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We are told by those who play the violin, tliat, when a player
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the homologues of benzene (toluene, etc.). Hence we say that the Phenol
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the base of the ulcer. After that time up to October, 1904, the ulcer-
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inal incision the intestinal contents. I seal this gutta-percha
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injury to the nerve, appears certain, from its supervening soon after
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deposit of connective tissue than a clean cut. Is there
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stantly used. A deep and rapid inspiration, succeeded by a strong
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gical standpoint. He first claimed that the process of fermentation, of sup-
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assimilated, and by the freest use of alcoholic stimulants.
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same as the other foot, including plaster dressing in overoorrected
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other animals. This causal relation between the ger-
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In many of the so-called hemorrhagic diseases (acute leucemia and
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the overloading of the sigmoid may not be a cause of
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bowel so long as there seems a reasonable chance of the stone
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appear to be, first, to place the hoof in such a condition as shall
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ever, he has recognized that attenuation and vaccination
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The corpora Arantii were very large. The tricuspid orifice and its
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designs for all basic scientific support needs have long
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About 100 per cent, of the children under 10 are infected with malaria,
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action of digitalis and may have an additive depressant effect on AV conduction
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that I should not decide to replace the womb at once, and then at-
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they can be accused only of having acted through error, and without
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safely taken out than a large thin one. It is not so
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that Dr. Blackman, in summing up instances on record of this
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Art. II. — On TJirombosis and Embolism. By John A. Lidell, M.D.,
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stated, and it is possible that in manv of the supposed instances of this mode
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