There was no rigidity of the upper limbs, and the muscles were quite

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Suppose that in all three c. c. of KOH solution was

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1413. Members of the corps will not be required to perform any

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2 cc. of this solution used for a Van Slyke determination gave 1.69 cc. of N

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Paralysis; this clot is usually formed from weak cardiac power or valvu-

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'61082 Henoch, E. Lectures on children's diseases. Trans.

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to work in the sunlight during the hottest days of the year, would

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offered by the Government to whoever would invent a strike-any where

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During present pregnancy she suffered much from morn-

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ing a natural borate of magnesia, found at Strassfurt, in citric acid. It forms

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be found both pleasant and convenient. President Tbunkin

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tates the differentiation of the so-called fowl cholera into at least two

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clinics in California. 5 Unlinked surveys were conducted dur-

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partment. As the result of this survey, we can confidently recom-

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visible progress towards recovery. At last, the fever quite ceased : the

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horses whose walls of the hoof are thin and brittle. They are, to

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L900, so that the figures in the table are not strictly comparable.

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" Erom the time when these attacks showed themselves, the patient

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ward extended to those of the living man, the elec-

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upon their appearance isolation of the patient should be inauga-

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her child suck. That she may not afterwards be troubled

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were employed: death, Richardson, T. G., 527; femoral aneurism

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Method for Keeping Records of Urinary Examinations for Futui e

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several other experimenters. The experimental inununitv' which can readily

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court lists, until eventually, owing to the progressive lesions

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sions the attention of the readers of the Medical Times

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3. Donovan. British Mtdical Journal, 1903, vol. ii. p. 79, and p. 1401 ;

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probable that a careful examination will show at least some varie-

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sinus involvement, meningitis, brain-abscess, or septicemia. But.

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latter is the consequence of mental weakness and not the cause ;

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to carry the anaesthetic to too great a depression, it is safer

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where diarrhoea is conspicuously present there is also a

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ing the bronchus, artery and vein, and their main subdivisions. The

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Finally, in some cases cholemia assumes a distinct hemorrhagic

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closer examination shows that he is able to move the


nessee, and West Virginia stands at the head of the list for pas-

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mode of treatment The emetic that I used was composed

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A slight to considerable loss of weight, a pain somewhere,

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Coming down to the present century, we find that in 1800, while

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however, they do rupture externally, the blood tends to spread all over

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as paroxysmal tachycardia, flutter and premature contractions (extra-

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been found insane at the hospital station of the prefecture of

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these cases which first called my attention to the frequent presence of the

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tive patient, refuses to see death when it stands close

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other of the principal countries except Spain or Switzerlancl

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tained, it produces its chemical changes in the in-

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Lectures before the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons on Nature

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arteries or thrombi in the veins. There were clots also

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mouth open as wide as possible. The only difficulty in the operation

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other measures. I have never obtained benefit from cauter-