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lated variety of this kind of tumour is rarer. It is softer, it contains
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and legislation, that the system of giving such evidence on one-sided
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times accompanied with pains passing from the liver up into the interior
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now practised, the disease, instead of being a scourge, is almost un-
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fect description, including the Nightingale nurses.
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1S51 and 1S61, the average rose from 430 to 501 ; whilst in the decade
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employed. As a punishment, prisoners are kept upright all day, with
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week, "indoor operatives" eat less than 15. This is simply incredible,
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surgeon of the second class ; twenty-five regimental surgeons of the first
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General Dispensary, or Parochial or Union Infirmary recognised for
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is due to this inferiority of preliminary training. We earnestly counsel
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from below ; the abdomen was also frequently kneaded, fomented, and
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has this attention been unproductive of results in either direction.
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of Medicine is £1 3s., except Practical Anatomy and Demonstrations,
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School of Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of Ire-
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first, second, or third class, he can take his B. A. degree ; if he do not
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fear that the hospital authorities would not admit her as she was
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joint was ascertained. A counter-opening was made over the inner
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Blackpool. We do not pretend that this is a complete list ; but it is
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ing expressly with the human mind, it includes metaphysics on the one
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The Pathological Department is divided into twelve sections, and
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lent speech, " Dr. Cayley," " Mr. Ross and the Governors of the Hos-
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With regard to the present system of conducting examinations,
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Formal notices and summons have, indeed, been served on various
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Mrs. L., aged 42, a washerwoman, living a few miles out of town,
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it very strange that, while proposing to go to Bouillon for supplies
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the bladder in children with congenitally small meatus. After alluding
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of the left sterno-mastoid muscle. The wound of entrance was much
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suscitate and reorganise the Branch which once fiourislied in that dis-
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think that the benzine could be given in sufficient doses to produce the
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With the Section Dr. Heslop's name wiU be permanently associated, as
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' He has been a good master to me for many years, and has given me
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We have to express our thanks for their communications to Dr. Harling, Dr. H. W.
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