Dr. Bowen' s professional skill had been unquestion-

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bulk. Our readei-s— at least, many of them— are

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tleman I have not heard since January 31st, the date


zine is a paper on " A Physical Analysis of the Human

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all-encompassing as the air we breathe, the very soul

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ferent stages, from periodic palpitations to attacks of syn-

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tion, at a meeting on the 13th instant, resolved that

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cerned, the record of these cases may be useful. The diag-

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comes first, the skin changes afterwards ; but in no

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Dr. Davies— viz., by the process of its elimination —

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Dr. Llurchison says that "their beneficial action is

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let me tell my young doctor friends, that a cheerful

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cination, some of its most distinguished members —

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breaks of excitement ; and many have periods of de-

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ulcers, with raised edges of almost cartilaginous hardness, one of

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and submit, as a last resource, to treatment by syphi-

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quinine in fuU doses, and the local application of a

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yeai's, as he himself does not employ venesection ;

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power, or within the scope of its particular end, pronounces

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ment such a clause is of itself sufficient to be fatal

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almost a matter of necessity that it should be in the

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has become hard and rigid, our ciliary muscle atro-

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.^5 uteri, this ojieration ought not to be undertaken

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symptoms, result, period of treatment, and the remedies em-

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and dull at another period ; or the same takes place

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maledicere ; ego, conscientia teste, didici maledicta

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blished for itself, by its salubrity and beneficial in-

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the same view of what may be called the " anniversary

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opinion has been also lately expressed by Dr. McClin-

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ducing ii-ritability of the bladder, which contracts

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other causes, often prevent our employment of the remedies

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expressed a hope that tliis way of attempting to con-