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Bumm finds in one class of cases a strej^tococcus, and in

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in the lower urinary tract or in any other part of the body. Second, its

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division surgeon of the division to which the wounded belong.

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tion was the same in solutions of both salts. While the salts with

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our subject rather than attempt a strict definition of the subject.

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process of ' chilling'.' The separate pellets being sometimes com-

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The Commission on Social Aims appointed by the Central Council

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Treatment. — If weak, give stimulants, such as alcohol. Cold

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of 85 operations; recoveries, 61 per cent.; improvements, 24 per

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simply due to the catarrhal laryngitis, in others to paresis

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as to be seldom met with. I shall not presume to dis-

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of considerable pressure if this be made in a methodical and

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Titration of Natural Anti-Sheep Amboceptor in Human Serum.

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The infrequency with which tuberculosis is encountered renders it

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from a foolish squeamishness on the part of many females, old and

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above) cannot be used to follow the rate of digestion at lower CJ so

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Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.

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action of the muscles of the face and of the body becomes increased.

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Farrant's medium is also very suitable for mounting mites, and

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lends itself for prescription with or without added

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mites such as Tyroglyphidae are best examined in liquid media such

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by a paper submitted to the German Chemical Society (Berichte,

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ed,) can terminate by a pelhcular angina; they also have the same etiology,

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June, 1872, under a joint resolution of Congress, Assistant

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The radius is pulled down, causing an elongation of the

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the powers of the microscope or of ordinarv- chemical tests to detect.

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phthisis appeared in 1857, preceded by a similar work

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all the molars. When she had reached her eighteenth month, her catamenial

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The writer is glad to be able to quote at least one case of

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apply a/?^2////V^ of the fuppurating kind ; feledt-

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In 68 cases collected at random from the literature of 1912 and 1913,

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pain sense had not been observed, which had therefore been neglected,