itself is wounded, and especially if one of the bronchi has been opened into,

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the two great causative factors, the treatment should

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Amidon, R. W., 497; a case of recurrent paralysis of the motor

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also until limitation of motion occurs at some other

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the inference being that someone was negligent in not

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determined by the requirements of the class. Prerequisite: course 16 or 17.,

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.AUZAL, E. W., Assistant Surgeon — After examination, de-

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and its very intensity made him unhappy and critical

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blood to kill bacteria ; indeed, if one wishes to trace this matter iiistorically

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gestions. A comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and

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and aiding in its prosperity while the Academy remained

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In gingivitis and stomatitis the treatment used was practically

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the action of hyoscine most resembles that of atro-

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required, unless it be in exceptional cases attended by much cardiac weak-

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provided benzoic acid is added to the perfusion fluid, and the latter also

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of pork. Sheep, also, are infested with a species of entozoa termed

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steeped for three or four weeks in weak solutions of chromic acid ;

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statement by the radiographer that the foreign body was at a certain

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tant — it is another phenomenon of the disease, and is diagnostic; some-

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bringing together over it the separated margins of the recti muscles,

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base. In a tuberculous cavity near the surface there is frequently found

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little or no disturbance of the intracranial pressure ; and this is more

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individual conditions sent to physicians upon request.

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The ships mentioned in Articles II. and III. shall be distinguished

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and the derangement once induced contributes to its own increase,

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upon a quantity of fatty matters, stirred up into a fine emulsion,

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Most physicians said their goal of treatment was to