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reception and succour of these pilgrims, there was a hospital associated with the

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adult, with the single exception that the caecum lay at a level

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valuable contributions to gynaecology, and the discussions upon

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1978, Harvard University; M.P.H. 1983, University of

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The urethra need not be injured nor the floor of the bladder,

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cases with cider, they were either considerably benefited, or

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of conception, and indeed is sufficiently evident in the unimpregnated

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He tried to introduce the catheter himself ; but could not suc-

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the best right to a woman who was the most suitable to become the father of

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which is but an adumbration of its future pre-eminence as a

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the return of the abdominal wall fibres to the normal rela-

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the clavicle, and if so, only to a slight extent. I shall here

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that Eroca's convolution is not concerned in the production of motor

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abraded, the latter often operates as the exciting cause of a very

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Unpolished rice or red rice is rice which has not been subjected to the polish-

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those which are common in all the acute exanthems : they consist in

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varied reactivity of the individual. The papulo-necrotic tuberculide is

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such a degree of improvement does that we can scarcely blame

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Cass VII. — Dr. Waters, A. A. Surg., U.S.A., reports *

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in one of which cases the lateral ventricle was also tilled with

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This seems to belong to the western slope, where, in the fertile

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displace the nerve elements to a greater degree than to destroy them, in

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earlier it occurs in life, if independent of accidental or exter-

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his patients carefully. Drs. Todd, Budd, and Johnso:n", had

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6. The use of knee-high rubber boots has proved very

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me also remark, that at the very beginning of the disease, and prior

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a chemist. Black remained his pupil for six years in Glasgow, went to Edinburgh

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IV. Gynecology. Edited by Emilius C. Dudley, A. M.,

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changes following the administration of full therapeutic doses of;

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