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tion. The second form taken by the initial lesion was that of a

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kidney. (2) It is possible that the influence of operation is

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there must always be some uncertainty respecting the possibility

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vitality ; it is only in the intermediate stages that errors and false

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deceptive appearance, seemed so much better than he really was ;

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curability of pulmonary tuberculosis, Curschmann, 583; the medi-

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This Elixir is prepared from the (.•Jhemically Pure Salts.

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Mai] <Mitth. d. naturf. Gesellsch. in Bern (538-542), pp. 90-98. [W c .]

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Much Space has been allotted in this chapter to facts appertaining to

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have heard the testimony that has been given. In my

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an extraction. He should, of course, be taught such a common

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was long, slim, and contracted, pointing, in some, to the side ; in

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or held in check thereby. He also showed up the defective side

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1M7. By E. B Sinclair. A B.T.C.D., and George John-

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During the progress of the disease general treatment must he con-

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invention and introduction of the pneumatic cabinet

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increased. The pulse was 110, and the temperature 103^ F. He was treated