physical examination was negative except for slight air hunger. Her urine at
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they testified against him. During the investigation it was
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the B. edematicns recovered, although several of the cases presented
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the intensity of the febrile process. That the disappearance of the
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injection into a suitable animal at intervals of time repeated doses of toxins,
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its existence in those cases in which there is no other clinical
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direction in which this kind of physiological investigation
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wards runs a chronic course. Or it may happen that the fever
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one owner, while he has proved quite the opposite when
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lumbar regions ; while the legs and coldest feet may have their
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tained facts is the propi'iety of the conjunction of these two
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vessels were ligated ; slight hemorrhage. Respiration
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seeing the report, wrote to the Journal 1 suggesting
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related above, and if we except the last variety, there
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effectual intercessors with the offended divinities,
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fering from mercurialism will transmit a greatly impaired
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By a well directed pressure upward and forward it is claimed that the peri-
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tuberculosis can be derived from animal sources. The tubercle
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passed by and the discharge still continued, although the zinc had been increased
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Wilson, J. Gordon 1909 The present position of the theory of auto-regener-
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having charge of hos[)itals for the insane. The chief
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Exhibition of Pathological Specimens. Dr. A. M. Cartledge : I pre-
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Patient complained at this time of sharp pain under left scapula ; she
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I can not, therefore, resist the conclusion that the principles which
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paws and rolls, but not in as violent a m^anner as in colic. The
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For magnesium sulphate is one of the most useful drugs in the hands
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Minute wounds often form points of entrance for infection as is thought
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vaccines were used, neutralizing antibodies were detected
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esophagus than lower down because of differences in the nature of the
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muscles, and he considers himself justified in concluding that
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such as headache, ringing in the ears, sickness, &c. In adult
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at once, although profoundly anaesthetized, an epi-
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from Alicante through Madrid to Bilbao — a journey of
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