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It is but seldom that astringents are needed or are to be

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In the latter part of June an eminent gynecologist saw

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Temp. Capt. Henry Currie Watson, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps.

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*'I do not think that the enemies of excision of the knee-joint can found any

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a Duty — One Preventive Check — Nursing No Preventive — Abortion is Criminal —

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tion of a tumor sufficiently large to fill the abdomen and

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end of five weeks hardly a vestige of it remained, and she was

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vious period of six days, it remained strong and lively.

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reported in two of the three, the International Prospective

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will best assist in making the recovery sure. Alcoholic stimulants

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frequently found to have pneumonia. Gemmel thinks the onset of pneu-

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It is recorded of Dr. Barclay, who was in his day a famous

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fluence, which always speaks strongly for migraine. The

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pear, the bile pigments and salts diminished in his urine, the stool

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period, anterior to the next paroxysm, in which quinine can be best

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fourteen years, is leaving the profession of medicine to enter industrial

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found, I believe, in that sublime carelessness which is

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and water the nails are cleaned with a sterilized steel

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" Can disease of the cerebellum be eliminated on the

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The frequent or indeed habitual recourse at such times

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Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, PA 19107

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overcomes his life, a grievous malady, an evil disease, a dangerous

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night, for the first time during several weeks. On the following

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i Meditz. I'rii'.-ivl, k. Meskomtl, Sbornikll, January,

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SOME of the following essays were read before different

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