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A copy of the following queries was handed to each of the resident
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tissue occupying its centre are evident. All groups of cells excepting the lateral group have been
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'^ A scarcity of tents and the want of buildings for the reception of
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ceived a most tragic illustration recently in the Argen-
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existence of such diseases, or a failure to give notice before passing the quarantine
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become much worse during the period immediately preceding it. So,
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tration for an hour, once a week for three weeks, and since then
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found, which have been pointed to with a certain degree of con-
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wick holds that there was no ground of action against
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Lycurgus in his laws classed them as regular military officials.
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Pemphigus ; Psoriasis. — The occurrence of these affections after
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Having called another fkilful chirurgeon to his aid,
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will resist their multiplication, and they may not produce
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place a drainage-tube m an anterior abdominal wound unless
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upon his books, and especially upon his one book on ' Fractures and Dis-
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* Read before the N. Y. Alumni Association of Philadel-
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dences of the same fundamental processes are to be seen. As one
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We have presented to ns in a most charming manner a general con-
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will receive^ the co-operation of the provinces, and it seems to be
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gations of melanotic tumours, that the melanotic matter is immediately derived
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In duodenal ulcer the acidity is greatest, and the stomach emptied
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Temp. Capt. Norman Pallister Pritchard, Koyal Army Medical Corps.
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were passed in comparative comfort. There being no further embarrass-
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tine. It was not difficult to prepare from this tissue a water soluble
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however, may have a relapse of true chorea from the excitement of seeing
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over the edge of a table. Where an anesthetic is not used,
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five minutes, and death occurred in forty minutes. This is the
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and Geognier, who on November 5. 1887, presented to
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Little Falls; Andres Gnifkawski, Cathedral High School, St.
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eeutists of the committee. The solution did not keep well, and was stated by
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rigid, which symptoms are soon followed by a violent
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she w r ould have been frightened and drugged into a condition of