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is not taken, no qualified and skilfull surgeon will be found
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fashion of ordinary scissors, bent at right angles on the flat,
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augment the number of respirations, and keep up the fever. And though
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Patient complained at this time of sharp pain under left scapula ; she
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guished from the practical application of knowledge
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ever performs ; no care, or next to none, to teach-
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When I next saw the patient, I was struck with the increased
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equally unfavourable ; the fingers may be clenched, or the forearms
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behind before he picked it up is more fact than fiction. You cannot afford to
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course of the trouble for the first two years w^as slowly -progressive.
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were then being exhibited at Brussels. 2 There were collected
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condition of the patient, except that of gradual emaciation.
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month. It contained bloody fluid and placental debris, and its interior pre-
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1 the serum of the blood is the consequence of the supposed in-
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upper parts of the cavity by excessive convexity of the diaphragm. Liver large,
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I sought for this cancer with the greatest care : and daring the
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ous membranes — effects of the vapor bath on the minute arteries — on
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from typhus ; that there is no danger of small-pox under
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not in the habit of regularly counting the money when brought
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of turpentine. The vapour is very injurious, aud must
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Sec. 10. The Council shall fill all vacancies in the offices of the Asso-