Adopt temporarily a diet consisting of beef tea, chicken broth, arrow-

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three to four days but persisted in moderate degree for days or

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Lupinus aridus, Dougl. Lindl. Bot. Reg. xv, 1242 (1829).

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of the committee on that subject, Dr. Z. Pitcher of Detroit, and adopted by

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I have seldom failed to obtain permanent results from the

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static hypotension may occur. Dilutional hyponatre-

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Ernin Pasha relief expedition, xxvi pp., 1 p. 1., 526 pp., figs., pis. 8°. Lon-

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life of the Duke came to an end. I saw and conversed

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Ventilation. — A large blower is located in upper

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treacherous to the extreme; men have actually disappeared

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these symptoms generally subsided, but in one instance, the temperature re-

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throw head back and face up, the arms at the sides; raise the arms

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Flexner, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York; Prof. Victor C.

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them only in very minor degree the colloids. In every field of chem-

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plications, including devascularization of the face-lift

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Hospital, 155 beds ; West London Hospital, 175 beds, Fee, 5 guineas ; The Hospital

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Whether this shall be the case "with anaesthetics in parturition,

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dr. powdered wood charcoal; continue 2 or 3 months if necessary; pre-

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hogs lying around in the manure pile or a dusty shed.

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of the artery involved in the aneurism becomes reduced to a certain

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which escape seems impossible. Not until enforced motherhood ceases

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Testimonials as to professional standing, from pro-

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Case 2. — Mrs. B., whose child died a few hours after its birth, was attacked,

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lo, a junior in Berkeley High School. The family home is at 1151 Woods:

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has the eflfect not only of reducing the food supply but in establishing

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speedily. Dr. Fleming says, that after a five minim dose* has been given there is a

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ually excited will deprive the organs of the power of bringing into

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the knife. The latter has also the additional advantage of stopping any bleed-

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Blane says, that the bilious remittent fever may gene-